Sitting outside at the cafe, comfortably staying out while the sun drips under the horizon, making sand castles at the beach – these are just a few signs that Spring has finally settled in here in Maryland. We have lots of plans this year for camping, riding, and exploring, so we’re thrilled to be on the other side of Winter.

More recently, we got a whole whack of samples including the final prototypes of the Neutrino frameset, some 31.6 seatposts for said Neutrino, and even a very cool fender finish we may do in the future. More details on that very soon, but here’s a sneak preview of Clint’s recent build. The Cool Grey Metallic paint is understated yet elegant and lends itself well to silver or black color schemes.

In the sun, the color pops with oodles of rainbow metallic flake. We’re still playing around with size and color of downtube decals, but that will be finalized soon. We’re also working on having the pre-order open in two weeks for both a frameset and complete option. The in-house built complete will be a 1×10 system with lots of VO components and more than likely Shimano Zee dangler and shifter. What do you think?

Happy Riding!

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